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Our Procurement Philosophy

We believe that great guest experiences begin with great partner experiences, and the same holds true for our Supplier Partner experience. We build lasting relationships with our suppliers, and that's something we're very proud of.

Becoming a Supplier

Our suppliers range from small independent farmers and family businesses to multi-national corporations. Some products will be used for a few select Earls locations, while others will be used across Canada and the United States. By maintaining a diverse supplier mix and a keen use of innovation, persistence, integrity and passion, we ensure that we'll always be able to give exceptional experiences and outstanding value. Our procurement style aims to be open and fair, allowing for businesses of all sizes with a product that could enhance the Earls experience, and we're fiercely disciplined about selecting the products and services that support our restaurant operations. Sound interesting to you? Let's hear from you!

Step 01

Get to know us a little better.

Have a look around our website, read our blog, and check out our Instagram. But most importantly, come visit us in person. Compare our products or services to the one that you supply. Observe our guests and give special attention to how your product or service can enhance our guest experience.

Step 02

Introduce yourself.

Once you've gained a strong sense of who we are and think your product or service is a great fit, we'd love for you to complete our supplier introduction form so that we can get to know a little more about you..

Step 03


From here, we have everything we need and your information will be reviewed by one of our buyers. If there's a fit and your product or service is of interest to our team, we'll be in touch!

We look forward to hearing all about you.

Introduce Yourself

A collection of individually compelling restaurants honouring our history and uniquely inspired by the local community, culture, people and ingredients.

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