July 07, 2016

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Stir Up Your Summer

Words of wisdom this season: live every summer night like winter starts tomorrow.

You don’t need a camping trip, a boat or a festival to have a good time.  A comfortable patio with great tunes and a couple of friends is all you need… well, cocktails and snacks help, too. Sometimes work or summer classes get in the way, so we thought we'd provide you with some patio justification. 

Top 5 Excuses to Escape to the Patio
1. Everyone knows the patio table is summer's boardroom.
2. Your sunglasses feel abandoned from lack of use.
3. It's your friend's birthday. Fine, it's actually your friend's dog's half-birthday.
4. It's arm day at the gym. Pitcher pouring builds muscle.
5. Your hair looks too good today to be indoors.

Introducing your Pitcher Perfect summer!  

Best described as cocktails that make you say yaaaaaaas, these sharable cocktail pitchers are what you need to cool down, quench your thirst and celebrate summer.

Big Spoon $20 ā˜€ļø  Little Spoon $14 ā˜€ļø  Happy Hour + All Day Sunday*
*Offer not valid at Tysons Corner + Assembly Row locations. Offer valid only on Sundays in Ontario locations.

The Line Up
Margarita: Everyone’s summer jam.
Mojito: Sun’s out, rum’s out.
Paloma: Fizzy. Fresh. Fierce.
Sangria: The fruit salad of champions.
Moscow Mule: Delightfully citrusy. Stubbornly spicy.

Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean the fun has to end, late night Happy Hour is available at most locations. Find your closest Earls