October 11, 2017

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Rebels + Icons

Style speaks volumes. Our wine choices, like our clothes, represent us. It’s all a matter of personal style.

This month, Earls is all in on wine style. We’re featuring Rebels & Icons of the wine world in a month-long quest to help you discover your personal wine style.

Are you an Icon? Timeless, elegant, classic. These are the wines that made the mold. They represent the best of a region and grape variety.

Or, are you a Rebel? Modern, eclectic, punk. The wines that broke the mold. They represent a fresh take on an old standard.

There’s no wrong answer. It’s kind of a trick question, actually. They’re all good – different styles of the same thing. In this case, wines made from the same grapes and place.

The fun is in comparing them (ie: drinking and talking about drinking) because the best way to learn about wine, and your wine style, is to drink. So order a glass or two and see.

Wine is fashion. Things come in and out and back in again. Today’s oak is tomorrow’s concrete (that’s one for the wine nerds). This month, at Earls, we want you to discover your favourite wine fashion.

Rebel, icon, or a bit of both, it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s welcome here.