May 01, 2017

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Earls.67 Reopens as Earls Bankers Hall

On May 1,  Earls.67 reopened as Earls Bankers Hall. We thank you for your support during the Earls.67 prototype process. We created Earls.67 to test a number of new things. Come and check out what's new!


The concept behind Earls.67

Earls.67 was designed to be a prototype. It gave us the chance to test new food and drink menu items, interior design concepts, and other forward thinking ideas. It gave us the opportunity to look to the future, make some predictions and try them out on one restaurant, rather than 67 restaurants.


The test is complete and we thank all of our guests for their valued input!


What people loved

  • A variety of menu items, many of which have now been introduced to  other Earls menus - or soon will be! A few examples are the Spicy Tuna Press and the Steak and Sushi

  • Elements of design space, which are being incorporated into our 2017 openings in Boston, MA and Plano, TX

  • Unchaining the chain, Earls’ vision is to be a collection of independently compelling restaurants specific to that location and customer

  • A refreshed look and feel for the Earls brand


What people did not love as much

  • Elements of menu format and some menu items (We learned that Calgarians tend to want to enjoy their own meal, rather than sharing a number plates, and that in general Calgarians did not jive our infused water)

  • Different menus for lunch and dinner

  • Intimate seating in the bar (Calgarians are a social bunch! And as such want a social bar area)

  • Small bottles of Coke (If you are going to indulge, you want more than a few sips!)


What about the Hospitality Charge?

We ran the Hospitality Charge test at Earls.67 for six months and ultimately moved back to the traditional method of tipping on February 20, 2017. The feedback we gathered through the test, from both guests and employees, was mixed - people either loved it or didn't. Ultimately, we learned that we couldn't do it alone without other restaurants following an alike model; it was simply too much of a change for many people. We will continue to watch the tipping model closely and The Hospitality Charge will not be rolled out in other Earls locations.


Thank you!

A sincere thank you to our valued guests and staff for the feedback given during this process. Your voice has been heard and we look forward to welcoming you back to Earls Bankers Hall!