April 06, 2016

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Beer. Enough said.

National Beer Day, International Beer Day, Beer Lover’s Day, Craft Beer Week… the amount of days and times we could talk about and celebrate our love for beer is endless.

When determining what beers we serve at Earls, we first look to craft breweries in each region and check out what new beers they have been testing. Then, with a thirst for tasting copious amounts of beer we choose beers with a perfect balance of hops and malt to pair well with delicious food. If you haven’t noticed, we really, really like to support local. We were serving craft beer before serving craft beer was cool; we’re talking back in 1982 when craft breweries were considered microbrews.

You wouldn’t be incorrect in thinking that our Beverage Director, Cameron Bogue has one of the coolest jobs in the world.  To land a job like his you don’t just have to have to have an incredible pallet and a high tolerance for alcohol, but you truly have to know your sh!t.  Although he loves creating new cocktails in creative vessels using 100% fresh ingredients (hello, Bees Knees), he’s a beer nerd at heart.  He’s from Portland, Oregon which happens to be home to more breweries than any other city on earth.

One of Cam’s favourite times of year is when it comes time to revisit the recipes for our Rhino craft beers. Working in collaboration with our local brewer (Central City Brewing), most recently they worked on our seasonal Rhino Dark Ale which is expected to be available in Canadian locations until end of April, then comes our summer Wheat Rhino Ale!  To our avid Rhino Dark Ale seasonal brew lovers you’ll have noticed that this season it tastes drier than previous recipes, next year you can expect to taste a finer balance between the chocolate malts and Okanagan cherries.

We’ve grown to over 65 locations in multiple cities across Canada and the US and with the booming craft beer industry, you must be wondering how one man can stay on top of local breweries. Although Cam has tried to have as many beers as he can when he’s in a city, he’s recently introduced a regional “Beer Ambassador” program. A group of 13 Earls bar managers or passionate beer nerd within each region has been appointed to this role with the task of checking out one craft brewery a month, taste beers and report back on changes they’d recommend making to the taps at Earls locations in their region. Cool right?

Every Earls Kitchen + Bar offers something different on their taps and they’re always changing so check back often to enjoy your local favourites. 

If you’re really curious, read more about our craft beer history.

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