June 13, 2014

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Art. It's part of the ingredients that fill our soul.

"We look at our space with care. Not just as blank walls."

Some people choose art to fill a space, even add a dimension. At Earls, we choose art to fill our soul. Art is not just a splash of needed colour. Nor is it a collection. It is a living thing that inspires us as much as our food.

At Earls, art is an ingredient.

We start with the design of the restaurant; the light that pours in on a sunny morning, the muted tones of a fall rain storm and we choose, thoughtfully. We look at our space with care. Not just as blank walls.

At Earls every restaurant is different. Designed to take advantage of the shape of the site it sits on, the environment and the people. Much of the interior elements are custom designed. There is always an element of surprise.

We look at outdoor space; a corner tucked into the back of a dining room, a souring ceiling, an entrance way – then we ask ourselves what is the missing ingredient? Is it a painting, a sculpture, a vintage piece repurposed or a medium we haven’t considered before?

At Earls, art is part of the community.

Art is chosen to fit the feel of the restaurant, not just the space. If it’s tangible, it’s local. Commissioned just for us, just for the space it will live in. Not just because we want to support the local art community but because we think that artist will bring a bit of the soul of their city to the restaurant.

At Earls, art is part of our history.

We were always surrounded by it. Irreverent many would say, but for those of you who have been our guests for a while, memorable. Pigs and monkeys, chickens and penguins, white rhinos and parrots.

Who could forget our parrots, we didn’t. We have one dipped in bronze in the lobby of our head office in Vancouver.

At Earls, art is part of the experience.

Art is part of our menu, with eight local and international artists creating eight different designs that fill the back off our menus. It creates an experience for every guest in the restaurant. Look around you. Find something you like. Find something that inspires you. Something that surprises you, something that makes you laugh...

Return to this blog as we tell you the stories about many of the art pieces we have commissioned and the artists who created them.