June 04, 2015

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Art Basel Collection arrives at Earls Yaletown

"There has long been an association between art and restaurants"

There has long been an association between art and restaurants. It’s well known that many of the Post-Impressionist painters, like Picasso, paid for their meals in painting - and restaurants in New York and Los Angeles continue to fill their walls with offerings from impoverished artists. 

For Earls Kitchen + Bar, art is a part of the overall design. We consider it an ingredient. Although each location is designed and built individually, we know art can make a room that much more unique, give it personality. We support up and coming artists, often commissioning and buying their early work, and we travel to places like Miami’s famous Art Basel to find international art, as is the case of Earls Yaletown location’s recent installation by California novelist and artist Dave Eggers.

Mr. Eggers, best known for penning the Pulitzer-nominated  A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, as well as nine other books, worked as an illustrator and designer before turning to writing, and returned to art a few years ago with a series of original, whimsical animal drawings accompanied by sometimes absurd, sometimes ironic, text.

"I was trained in the classical way of drawing — to be able to capture a likeness or shape in a realistic way. Once I’d finished a given drawing, it seemed incomplete without text — and the text that seemed most appropriate usually involved the [animal] in dialogue with its creator. Sometimes the animals question their existence or purpose."  - Dave Eggers

When lead designer Elly Chronakis saw the Eggers series at Miami’s Art Basel she knew it was the perfect fit for the Earls Yaletown location. Fresh, playful, slightly edgy, a touch of absurdity, without necessarily any deeper meaning or reason, it would feel just right in the brick-walled urban neighborhood, a former design district in Vancouver’s downtown - and she had the perfect wall for the 14 pieces she purchased, a neutral, crisply painted 40 foot wall at the back of the restaurant’s dining room could display the framed 22x30 pieces.

We know when guests walk into an Earls the first thing they will probably notice is the warm greeting from our staff at the door, but the second thing they might notice is the design and art. Have a look next time you are at Earls, and if you are in Vancouver’s Earls Yaletown, take a few minutes to take in our Dave Eggers installation. It’s definitely worth a longer look.  

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of these drawings at Art Basel went directly to ScholarMatch, a non-profit organization focusing on sending deserving kids to college.