December 19, 2014

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A new line of alcohol free Craft Sodas + Cocktails

"Artisanal, naturally flavoured syrups made with flowers, herbs, fruits, berries and fruit bitters"

Earls new alcohol free Craft Sodas and Cocktails are made with simple, pure ingredients.   

The selection of alcohol free cocktails are artisanal featuring naturally flavored syrups made with flowers, herbs, fruits, berries and fruit bitters.

Starting with five new craft sodas

Elderberry Syrup adds a floral note to soda water while Ginger Syrup adds a bit of spice and Lemon Grass Syrup is blended with fresh squeezed lemon juice, orange blossom bitters (no alcohol) & soda water for a fresh, bright citrus and rich orange taste; Passion Fruit offers a tropical note to sparkling water and Raspberry Cordial with Lime Leaf Bitters is sweet, tangy & aromatic.

Two creative alcohol free cocktails round out the selection (at Flagship locations) with a Passion Fruit Limeade and the Bee Have made with fresh squeezed lemon juice, house made honey syrup and a whimsical honey dipper stir stick. 

A fresh way to start the new year with unprocessed, natural ingredients and a great option from sweet soda pop or alcohol for the designated driver in your party. Enjoy.